Criticism is what you hear
Only judgement reaches the ears
Tried your best
To please them
Things done were
Not right, but neither wrong
Give it a calm thought
Why should they not?

You aren’t
A good story book
Of fairy tales
Or beautiful truths
Obscuring reality
With a veil of fantasies
Is that what they should really read?
They wouldn’t know. 

You aren’t
A hazy mirror
Reflecting Utopian dreams
Highlighting good
And sins subdued
But what were sins?
They wouldn’t know.

You are neither
A Hit Pop Song
Blaring music to amuse
Redundant Lyrics  
Telling things that barely exist
It it necessary to follow melodies in-vogue?
They would follow, but not know. 

You were but
A silver lake
Shining deep till the core
Showing what was shown
Ripples changing unwanted scenes
To show the verity, yet again 
Could you really change the facts?
They would hardly know.  

You are not right, but neither wrong
You still be the silver lake
Guide the world to face 
From “faces” they are running away
One day, you will astound them
And they would still never know.