Autumn Calling


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September had just begun, when I was awakened from my annual slumber. I wished to sleep a little longer but thinking about all the errands I had to do, I straight away started with my preparations. Sibling Summer had just resigned to his yearly rest and it was my turn to reside on Earth. I knew that humans weren’t really fond of me, except for the subtle effect that I brought along after my brother’s havoc, and all the other creatures just perceived me as a harbinger of Winter- I still had to help them make arrangements for their hard times. Hastily, I boarded my chariot and set off to the journey to my dearest planet.

When I arrived, there were lesser species of fauna to be seen around, yellowing leaves clung to the trees; people had already begun to wrap scarves and mufflers around their necks. I did not feel the zephyr was strong enough; thereby I let down my tresses, helping the September breeze blow a little harder so that they could help the leaves fall off the branches. Not that I enjoyed withering the trees, but if I didn’t help them shed their leaves, it would be very difficult for them to grow new ones. And with leaves adorning the branches, the effect of the chilly weather would have magnified magnanimously.

I cautiously spread my shield around, trying to diminish the harsh heat of sun. This was the major reason why everyone awaited my onset and I did not want to deny them of their desires. The parchedness of the grounds had declined and the weather had been tuned to perfection. With immense satisfaction, I watched everyone enjoy their last months of warmth, before winter came by.

Sometimes, I felt I was subjected to grave injustice. If Mother Nature had infused in me some of the qualities that she had imparted to my gorgeous sister Spring (whom I envied at times), I too would have been welcomed as affectionately as she was. It did hurt a lot to see the mortals not giving me enough credit for my work- even though Spring and I did the same job, in fact, I did a bit more. She prepared them for Summer’s rule, who was at least warm and generous whereas I prepared them for the onslaught of brother Winter, who preferred everything numb and lifeless (he wasn’t really ruthless, it was just his nature).

When I told Mother about it, she kindly explained that all of us were of equal importance and whether we were loved or not, we were to carry on our tasks with as much excellence as we could. That’s what I persevered to do  every time I came along , the fire of hope burning in my heart that one day they will greet me with equivalent ecstasy. Till then I will keep bringing joy to their lives, as ever and for always. No matter how tough the upcoming Winter may seem, Autumn will never fail to be by their side.


14 thoughts on “Autumn Calling

  1. Autumn is associated with withering.what you are implying is human fails to appreciate his work to bring new life ,and we only pay attention to those who pleases us.This results in INEQUALITY.


  2. it’s awesome ….had a grt time reading it

  3. great use of personification to make your point. Loved this part. It became all the way more interesting when it became clear..:) 🙂
    Great going 🙂

  4. Loved the writeup and the metaphors used to symbolize a simple lesson. Good work!

  5. Indeed one of ur best pieces!!I loved the flow, the connection you tried to build with the reader by describing the sorrow,the pain the autumn goes through!I loved it when i read it once and loved it even more the second time!Keep it up!!

  6. WOW!! with this personification… make autumn the best season of the year!!
    That’s an awesome talent….

  7. nice job…you are good with words….claps…because every effort is important…keep it up..

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