The Fateful Voyage


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Dusk sets into the sinister night

Dark shades blow their clarion call

Clouds brewing up a disturbing plight

The sun has already had its fall


Solitary, she glides through the troubled waves

Past many life-death berms

Never lowering her unwavering braves

Her resolute pace fast and firm


But then she hears the terrifying tempest hum

That sends shudders to her iron bones

The fate she fears is soon to come

The dreaded Locker of Davy Jones


A dutiful heart, she had to perform

To protect the lives of the ones aboard

Even if she dissolves in the raging storm

A safe refuge had to be ensured


She continues to sail, towards a motive grand

Against the sea reaching gargantuan heights

Determined to reach the nearest land

She fights her way through the roaring tides


A rocky cliff comes into sight

The distance-not very far apart

For the first time in the dreadful night

With joy did swell her heart


The sky, then, plays a treacherous game

Struck hard by the inescapable connive

She relents to the liquid flame

With one hope-at least some survive


The hull has damaged beyond repair

The bow dips low into the waters wild

Her sudden joy turned to immense despair

Destiny had had her beguiled

Piece by piece, she begins to immerse

Bleeding invisibly in piercing pain

Her efforts, they must disburse

Now that she has suffered the bane


When all left of her were shredded masts

She saw them, dying in the Atlantic cold

For though she had sacrificed her lasts

There was not a wood that they could hold


Yielding to the brutal blows

Were the last survivors of the vile attack

As even the stars turn to shadows

Everything just fades to black.


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