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A fine morning. The sun shines brightly in the sky, and the flow of the day till now has been steady enough to keep you at peace. Yet there is a nagging feeling in your mind. Was it the talk that you had last night? But it was all settled….You ignore it, and get on with the daily routine. Your hands are practiced enough to carry on the tasks without any directions, and your mind has unconsciously wandered somewhere else. You only notice its absence when you commit a silly yet mistake. You try to concentrate again, in vain. Your mind seems to be taking pleasure strolls in lands unknown; your soul is fidgety. And somehow, you are repeating last night’s conversation in your brain. Was it really settled? No, you accept feebly, there was something more you had wanted to say….

Ever wondered why the happiest of people are mostly extroverts? Well, it is not by chance. Extroverts have the innate ability of expressing themselves openly. They give out their opinions readily, say what is on their mind, and blatantly blurt out what does not seem right. Consequently, their mind is free from unwanted thoughts, their work is more productive. When everything goes on so smoothly, happiness comes very naturally.

The human cycle of problems follows the 80/20 principle wherein 80% of the problems are due to internal factors; the rest 20% due to external.  Keeping emotions bottled up inside is one of the major internal causes. In such cases, people tend to brood over the problem for long, eventually prolonging it, to a limit where escape seems impossible. Over the time, people also start becoming more closed, thus being dragged into that bottomless abyss. This is one intense and dangerous situation where holding thoughts or feelings can lead to. In general, whenever you keep yourself from expressing, your mind goes into a state of an inexplicable unrest, and thoughts/feelings cram your head. And you can’t concentrate on anything you pick up!

The solution is very simple: All you have to do is to open the cap and spill out the contents. It might take a lot of courage to face that person, and it is even probable that your views might not be taken the way you wanted to portray it, but in the end it is worthwhile because it is going to give you a pacifying serenity. You will be at peace, and you can carry on working towards your goal, happily. And in case you find it really difficult to say it out loud, you can always write down about it. Or express it through a creative medium.

No matter what, don’t let anything restrain you from expressing it! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Express it!

  1. You know….this time i won’t write compliment…you are just write too good to be complimenting each day…. 😛 😀

    Anyways this time you remind me of one guy, truly….

    Well i m giving you the youtube link, if in case you have free time watch him…He is also introvert but a true soul i guess…or probably he has open his cap and started a new creativity(as u mentioned :P)….I got inspired in college dayzz when i saw him……


  2. As awesome as always 🙂

  3. I fall in the group of exceptions then 🙂
    I have always been shy and introvert and mostly the happiest and most content amongst people around me. till date its no exception 🙂

  4. I really like the start of this article.
    Well expressed

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