Crimson Vengeance: Prologue



Image Courtesy:

Image Copyright: Donald Gruener

I could not have been happier any other day in my life. Although my face was streaked with dry tears (of sorrow), I was really mad with joy. The sun was much more than just a shiny yellow blotch in the sky, I could feel warmth in every radiation it emitted. The scorching rocks were not tormenting any longer, instead, the heat enlivened my bare feet. Something inside made me admire everything around. Every passing second made me aware of nature’s beauty. I almost seemed fey. Yes, I was fully aware of approaching death. My life was presently resting on a broken fulcrum; recent happenings had generously tilted it towards the infernal side. The very next second could be the most devastating blow, but I could not bring myself to care a bit about the future. I didn’t want to lose this sensation of pure bliss. After a long period of emotional numbness, feelings- good feelings– were no less than miracle in my world. The reason behind this was a small typewritten chit that stated two simple words: 
He’s alive.
That’s all I wanted to hear at the moment. Even if it was a lie. 



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