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If only I could keep you forever
If only I had my way
You would be my precious treasure
That I’d protect everyday

I’d bind you lightly, with strings
Of love and joy, comfort and care
And a sense of security that always clings
Just so that I could keep you near

These are but the yearnings of a heart
No matter how much I brood
In time, we must go apart
Bondage never did any good

For winds of change will surely blow
And afflict its nature upon you
Slowly you will grow
Into something different from what I knew

Perhaps, the strings will tighten
Choking your existence
Or so much would they slacken
Losing you in distance

Both the ways, I suffer
You’ll be beyond my reach
Living this life would be rougher
My soul would incessantly screech

Yet, those strings I’d softy tie
To you, and give them their chance
To grow and shrink, to dip and fly
With you, as you advance

No, I’ll not hold the ends of any linking
You are free to soar and shine
I’ll quietly rejoice thinking
For a moment, you were mine


3 thoughts on “Forever

  1. Yayyyy!!!…. now i can make small complain 😛
    “Finally a new post had arrived…….readers might have died waiting already 😀 😛 ”
    Anyways….as usual “Great Work…keep it up!! 🙂 ”
    And one thing i wanted to say…..this time i found it that….i guess it is compose of simple words…..
    (Actually,First time didn’t use my dictionary 😀 :D)

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