Resolutions! Resolutions….

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In a wink of an eye the New Year has arrived, and oh! look, it is already February now. 2015, by some random associations in my mind, was supposed to be a stellar year for me (of course, it means I was supposed to put in more hard work). And, evidently, due to various reasons (let’s label all of them under the “Excuses” folder), I did not.  As the guilty feeling has started to creep all over my heart, I have decided-Now, my watch begins.

I hope I am not the only one who feels this way. Resolutions are the most exciting part of the year that slowly turns into a sinking feeling. Come January, and I am all so ready to put up things that I believe I am going to accomplish in the year, come December, those things are still on my list, and have never materialized. Every passing month, I postpone, agreeing in my mind that, well, the first of next month is a good time to start, and by the time I reach October, it is too late, we might as well have done it the next year. Somehow, I feel as if resolutions are jinxed. Almost everything that features there is bound not to happen—or rather, exactly opposite of what I wished for would happen.

I know, I know, getting to till the end of it is much more than deciding what is to be done, it requires a lot of effort and perseverance and determination and Chemical X. I generally struggle with being focused on just one thing; I find it easier to toggle between things. Therefore, I have decided to break it down into chunks that are easier to gulp in, and also maintain the record of these resolutions somewhere it is a little permanent. Just so, I don’t keep revising them and making them easier.

What’s better than posting it here on my online journal? At least, every time this article title pops up in front of my eyes, a tiny voice would reprimand —remember? If my will stands strong, maybe the tiny voice wouldn’t be required at all. Here are my 7 commandments for the year 2015 (trumpet blows duly):

  1. Master self-discipline: the key to habits. *sigh*. That already sounds tough to follow. Will start off by updating my to-do list.
  2. Writing 1000 words every day. God knows how many times I have put that on my list. Try, try, until you succeed. This, if extrapolated, also means more blog posts.
  3. Completing my reading challenge. Taking off some more books from my want-to read list, even though, I am pretty sure the total number of want-to reads are going to increase.
  4. Adopting a healthy lifestyle. I like exercising, but leaving junk is really a task for me.
  5. Drinking adequate amount of water. Which is not as difficult as getting myself to drink milk every day. Hopefully, will get around doing both the things *fingers crossed*.
  6. Minimizing Distractions. (Read social media). Actually, minimizing time spent on social media sites. Obviously, this does not include time spent on Quora.
  7. Keeping my mind on The One thing. Point 7 pretty much summarizes this list.

I can already picture Lady Destiny with her wand ready to jinx all of it. I hope I am able to find the counter curse in time.

Yes, I am already on it!